Obama Senior Adviser Axelrod's Son Joins Huffington Post

August 2nd, 2009 7:13 PM

Democrats worried that too many of their liberal allies in the media are being gobbled up by the Obama administration should fret not, as the White House has a plan: replace the departed journalists with new left-leaning cadre.

Take for example Tuesday's revelation that Ethan Axelrod, the son of Obama senior adviser David Axelrod, is going to work for the Huffington Post. 

As Big Hollywood's Jason Killian Meath reported Sunday, this is a liberal match made in heaven:

[D]oes the Axelrod hire make the Huffington Post an adjunct arm of the Obama 2012 re-election campaign? After all, it is worth noting he is to be the Editor of the Huffington Post’s Colorado edition. Heady stuff for a fresh-faced college kid — what qualifies him to be editor anyway?  Yearbook experience? A cool Facebook page? Oh yeah, I keep forgetting — his dad runs Obama’s campaigns.

You remember Colorado - the Red State Obama is turning Blue — dumping millions of dollars there for a win in 2008 (well done Poppa Axelrod!). No doubt, Ethan’s role as Editor will establish a liberal media bulkhead right in the heart of Denver. Ethan told the Washington Post, “I’ve been interested in journalism for a while.” Really — who knew there were journalists at Huffington Post?! I know, I know, the kid is green… not to pick on his poor choice of words, but he IS going to be editing for one of the largest outlets for commentary in the nation. So, let’s at least get the job description straight, shall we? I think it reads something like this: Wanted — Editor for Obama’s stealthy online and messaging arm in a 2012 battleground state — relatives who run Obama’s re-election campaign a plus.

Kid -- you're hired!