John Edwards Drops Out of Another Fox News Debate

April 7th, 2007 6:04 PM

Not surprisingly, Democrat presidential candidate John Edwards has dropped out of another debate sponsored by the Fox News Channel. As reported by the Associated Press (emphasis added throughout):

The Edwards campaign said it will not attend the September 23 debate in Detroit hosted by Fox News and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute, but officials added that Edwards is "looking forward" to a different debate hosted by the institute and CNN in South Carolina in January 2008.

Hmmm. Canceling FNC to appear on CNN, John? Why might that be (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more):

"We believe there's just no reason for Democrats to give Fox a platform to advance the right-wing agenda while pretending they're objective," said Jonathan Prince, Edwards' deputy campaign manager.

Makes sense. After all, Democrats should, instead, only participate in events that allow the hosts to advance a left-wing agenda while they’re pretending they’re objective.

Maybe most comical was how the uber-left website AlterNet reported Edwards’ announcement. In an article entitled “Gutsy John Edwards Jettisons a Second Fox-Sponsored Debate,” (I kid you not!), Don Hazen began (emphasis added): “Showing striking leadership, presidential candidate John Edwards, encouraged by Black activists, Black bloggers and Jesse Jackson, dropped out of a scheduled debate for September to be sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and Fox News.”

Yes, it takes striking leadership to cave into the demands of activists and bloggers in order to be able to preach to the choir, Don.

Honestly, if this is what folks like this believe leadership to be, we are in deep trouble if one of their candidates ever gets into the White House.

Perish the thought.