Infamous Former TIME Reporter and Clinton Admirer Tells Hillary Not to Run in 2008

May 5th, 2006 9:44 AM

Certainly, Nina Burleigh is not a household name – definitely not in Sen. Hillary Clinton’s house. A former TIME magazine correspondent, Burleigh rose in infamy to national prominence in 1998 when, in an interview with the Washington Post, she said that she would be happy to perform a certain sexual act on then President Clinton for keeping abortion legal. For the less prurient and more curious, you can read further about this incident here and here.

On Thursday, the never tight-lipped Burleigh, in a post at HuffnPuff, asked Hillary to not run for president in 2008, while offering a top ten list as to why Al Gore should be the Democrats' candidate: “I’m all for having a female president and the Senator might even make a good one, somewhere and someday. The trouble is she can’t be elected in 2008.”

Burleigh continued: “She can charm the U.S. Senate, but she is not going to win the Nascar dads, nor, probably, their wives. I don’t know what her pollsters are smoking, besides dollar bills, but anyone who breathes the air in the red districts knows this to be true.”

Burleigh didn’t hold anything back:

Like gay marriage in 2004, ‘Hillary’ is a concept that must be balm to the trembling right-wing heart. Please, let’s nip this in the bid. Stop the nonsense now before the only party that can challenge the neocon regime falls apart.”

Her conclusion: "Sen. Clinton should do the right and responsible thing, open up that big campaign war-chest and dump it on someone electable.”

Her candidate: Al Gore. Burleigh then gave ten reasons why Gore is a good choice for president which I will not copy here because my keyboard is laughing too much. However, her number one reason is soooooo delicious, I had to share it: “He actually was elected President. If international election monitors had been running the show in 2000, imagine how different the world would look today.”

Thanks, Nina, but that’s not an image I can ponder on an empty stomach.