Bill Maher Takes His Own Comedic Pot Shots at Cheney

February 14th, 2006 9:51 AM

This weekend’s vice presidential quail hunting trip is fast becoming a comedian’s dream. Channel and Internet surfing is suddenly a virtual “Open Mike” night at the Comedy Store.

Next on stage was the host of the demised Comedy Central program (remember when it was a decent show before Bill sold out to ABC!) “Politically Incorrect.” Bill Maher decided to write a mock script, posted at the Huffington Post, of how things progressed after Harry Whittington was accidentally shot:

"Um. Sir. Mr. Vice President, he's kinda just laying there."

"Shhhhhh!!!! He's a lawyer. You want him to sue?...Harry? You OK? Harry? See? He's fine. This is just part of the administration's new tort reform package."

Nice gratuitous shot at lawyers and tort reform in the same punchline, Bill. From there, Maher went after the medical profession adding a dash of stereotypical anti-Semitism:

"I think he's hurt sir. He's bleeding."

"You think he's hurt. Are you a doctor?"

"Yes. I'm your doctor. I travel with you all the time."

"Ah yes. The Jew. I didn't recognize you without the rib spreader."

Do Jewish doctor jokes work outside of the Borscht Belt? Of course, no routine about this incident would be complete without a reference to previous vice presidential hunting excursions:

"I think we need to call one of your ambulances."

"Aw, now why do you want to go and do something like that? If Antonin hears about this he won't come duck hunting next time there's an important case before the Supreme Court that I need him to rule on."

You have to wonder how many different ways America’s media comics are going to be able to craft doctor, lawyer, and Scalia jokes on this subject without becoming repetitive and inane.