LISTEN: Bozell Talks to Mark Levin About His New Book

December 10th, 2021 12:03 PM

Appearing on The Mark Levin Show Thursday night, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell talked about his new book, Stops Along The Way, with the nationally syndicated radio host. Bozell recounted several fascinating stories of his life that are featured in the book, everything from humorous tales of his childhood to compelling anecdotes about his early years in the conservative movement.



“I thought now would be a perfect time to bring back one of the great American patriots on this program, one of the people who each and every day – mostly behind the scenes but publicly when he’s called upon – is fighting for your liberty,” Levin declared in his gracious introduction of Bozell. Levin added: “And in doing so, he is taking on the American media, because he knows that they’ve turned into a propaganda and tyrannical organization pushing an agenda and an ideology, but he knew it before most of us.”

Bozell described the book as a collection of “stories that I hope will tell a much larger story.” He told listeners:

It’s going to take you to a world you never knew existed....I hope the reader will see it as aspirational because it’s a world that could be again....It is aspirational toward a world where all the goals of ours could be lived, a world of true freedom. A world, in my case, living the Catholic faith, a world living the Judeo-Christian culture, a world where there can be true happiness. A world where you transcend politics.