ABC Acts as if Threat Posed to Sharks by Bikini-Clad Girl is Twice as Important as Planned Parenthood Scandal

July 23rd, 2015 3:23 PM

Over the past 9 days, ABC News has spent a grand total of 46 seconds on Planned Parenthood executives trying to sell pieces of aborted babies for a profit. Yet, ABC’s Good Morning America on July 23, found 2 minutes to discuss how a beauty pageant contestant might be posing a threat to sharks.

According to GMA-cited “shark experts,” the Miss Maine USA contestant Marisa Butler could be doing “more harm than good” when she and other volunteers drag sharks out of the water to tag them. ABC correspondent T. J. Holmes added that “shark conservationists are questioning Butler’s motives, suggesting these pictures are meant to bring more attention to her than to the sharks.”

ABC News covered the Planned Parenthood for under a minute, and dismissed the incriminating undercover video as being filmed “by an anti-abortion rights group.” During a 27 second story on this topic on ABC’s World News Tonight on July 15, Muir also included a defense from Planned Parenthood claiming that the group is “only reimbursed for expenses.” 

This defense was undermined when a new video, released on July 21, showed a Planned Parenthood executive haggling over the price of aborted baby parts before adding “I want a Lamborghini.” ABC has yet to acknowledge the second video.