Video: On 'O'Reilly Factor,' MRC's Gainor Discusses Tom Brokaw's 'Moronic' Analysis of Modern Journalism

June 24th, 2013 2:25 PM

Dan Gainor appeared on the O'Reilly Factor on June 21, to discuss veteran journalist Tom Brokaw's analysis of modern journalism on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show."

"I couldn't decide whether it was ironic or moronic," Gainor said, talking with host Laura Ingraham about Brokaw speaking out against the viciousness of the media on "The Daily Show." (video after break)

Gainor added that "The Daily Show" "exists to bash conservatives." "We did an analysis a while back, and they bashed conservatives four-to-one over liberals And he's talking to John Oliver, a guy who very famously joked about shooting Tim Tebow before he'd shoot Osama bin Laden," Gainor said.

"Right before Brokaw came on, you had a parade of jokes by Oliver bashing Paula Deen -- not because of something she said, but bashing her for her weight. So this is a show that we're going to go on and talk about people being vicious? This is vicious central!"