At the Chicago Tribune, Republicans Are Wealthy. Democrats, Not So Much

June 12th, 2013 3:37 PM

Many in the mainstream believe that the Republican Party is an elitist organization of the affluent while Democrats represent the party of the people.  If that ever were true, it certainly hasn’t been for many years.  Yet the myth persists.

A recent example is The Chicago Tribune, which last week on its Web site headlined “Wealthy Bruce Rauner announces for Republican governor race.”  Yesterday, The Trib went with “Bill Daley to explore run for Illinois governor.” determined that in 2010 Daley’s “average net worth was an estimated $28.7 million.”  It doesn’t appear that throwing a benefit for him will be necessary any time soon.  Yet his prosperity isn’t even referenced by The Tribune.  Only rich Republicans are newsworthy there.