Chicago Sun-Times Columnist Urges Obama: 'Spearhead an Anti-violence Rally of Huge Proportion'

June 21st, 2012 11:13 PM

Liberals look to government, often the Federal government, for solutions to almost everything.  Chicago's murder rate is appalling, with at least six people killed and another 31 shot  last weekend.  So to whom does Chicago Sun-Times columnist Stella Foster turn for help?  President Barack Obama.

On the newspaper's Web site today appears Foster's plea, titled "Letter to President Obama: Please help address city violence."  The article also appears in the newspaper's print edition with the headline "Dear Mr. President: Help our city!"  It begins:

PRESIDENT OBAMA, you came into your hometown of Chicago last weekend to attend the backyard wedding of the daughter of your personal friend and senior advisor Valerie Jarrett in your Kenwood neighborhood. I am sure the affair was lovely and heartwarming. Hopefully, your schedule, one day soon, will allow you to return to Chi Town to spearhead an anti-violence rally of huge proportion to speak out against the senseless gun violence that has overwhelmed various areas of our city. . .

Later she writes:

. . . I truly do care that our people — yes, I said “our people” or minorities — are continuing to hurt, kill and disrespect each other, especially when the hot sun comes out to play.

I VOTED for you, Mr. President, and now I am personally asking you to care enough to come back to Chicago and speak out. Who knows, coming straight from the president’s mouth may just deter potential criminal activity or touch the soul of a person contemplating killing someone!

She ends by preparing for less than a positive response:

BUT, Mr. President, if you can’t make it, I will certainly understand, and will still continue to catch you whenever you are on the news and talk shows. . .

Over the years, Chicago has held dozens, perhaps hundreds, of anti-violence marches.  They've been headed by Chicago mayors and other politicians, police superintendents, and community activists such as Jesse Jackson and Father Michael Pfleger.  The killing continues.

Thinking that Obama showing up at a rally would have any significant impact on Chicago crime is, charitably, unrealistic.  Despite his disastrous record on jobs, the debt, deficits, home foreclosures, gas prices, etc., some in the mainstream media still view him as The One.  OK, OK, so the rise of the oceans hasn't slowed and our planet hasn't healed like he promised.  The mainstream media know what the solution is:  Four more years.  In the meantime, marching in Chicago would sure help.