StarTribune: 'Voters Weathering Economic Downturn Sticking With Obama — Because They Like Him'

September 25th, 2011 6:51 PM

Forget those polls.  In the mainstream media, there's always good news for President Barack Obama.  So it is on the Minneapolis StarTribune's Web site.  An Associated Press article appears under the headline "Voters weathering economic downturn sticking with Obama — because they like him" and includes this heartening news:

People who have lost their jobs or homes during Obama's presidency nonetheless say they want him to succeed and, what's more, they're working to help re-elect him because of the affinity they feel for him.

And how did the AP arrive at this conclusion in its 31-paragraph story?  They talked to people, that's how.  Specifically, the article includes quotes from two, count'em, two women who have lost their jobs, one woman who has lost her house, and one woman who has a law degree but "cobbles together work as a caterer, cake decorator and office manager."  The AP supplemented its exhaustive research by talking to a few Democratic operatives, to assure an objective and complete analysis no doubt. 

Let's see. There are currently 14 million unemployed Americans, an increase of 2.4 million since Obama took office.  Last year, foreclosure filings were reported on a record 2.9 million properties.  Yet the Associated Press interviews four people and reports they and others hit by the Obama Depression are "working to help re-elect him."  Guess they just couldn't find anyone who isn't.

Yes, indeed.  There's always good news for Obama.  The mainstream media would have it no other way.