Liberal Journo Geraldo Rivera Defends Donald Trump; Agrees Hewitt's Questions Were 'Gotcha'

September 6th, 2015 9:11 PM

This is something you don’t see often – Fox News contributor and unofficial advocate of illegal immigrants, Geraldo Rivera actually defended GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on “gotcha questions” on foreign policy from an interview he did with radio host Hugh Hewitt.

Rivera was on Friday morning’s Fox & Friends when he told the hosts:

Ninety-nine percent of the people watching this program or any morning show, I would venture to say anything other than a class about the Middle East would not be able to answer most of those questions.” Rivera said. “The Quds forces, how many in this studio knew who the Quds forces were before this Hugh Hewitt?

When host Anna Kooiman asked Rivera if there was a different standard for presidential candidates and that Carly Fiorina was asked the same question and answered it, he replied:

Well, at what point and after what kind of briefing? If you give me thirty seconds, I can give you the formula for a nuclear weapon as construed in World War II. I think the--the point is this: Karen Hughes, remember Karen Hughes? She represented George W. Bush press but, in 1999 when George W. Bush was asked similar kinds of 'gotcha questions,' she said 'running for president is not being a contestant on celebrity Jeopardy.' These are gotcha questions, these are briefing - -al-Zawahiri, you know al-Zam -- you know these are all things that you learn and you are briefed on.

Hewitt maintains that he did not ask Trump “gotcha” questions.

This is a much different side of Geraldo that we’ve seen in recent weeks.  It was only last month when he threatened Donald Trump’s then advisor Roger Stone that he would “kick your racist ass” over comments Stone made on recent CNN hires.