Anti-Bush Producer Back on the Job at ABC

May 16th, 2006 6:00 PM

John Green, the ABC producer who became somewhat notorious for his statement that President Bush "makes me sick," is now back on the job according to the New York Post:

He's baaack! Weekend "Good Morning America" executive producer John Green - suspended more than a month ago after partisan e-mails and voice messages denouncing President Bush and claiming Madeleine Albright had "Jew guilt" were leaked to the media - has returned to his post a changed man. Insiders say he is "tanned, rested and ready, and boasting he's 15 pounds lighter after a month of suspension and 'vacation' in Europe." Green urged the staff to "take all of their vacation time this summer because it's so good for the mind and body."

"There was a terrific late night out at the 72nd Street Boat Basin to celebrate his return," a TVNewser tipster adds. "And he got a big ovation at the morning meeting."