The Atlantic: Look! Pro-Life Women Exist

July 19th, 2013 1:00 PM

We shouldn’t be surprised that the liberal media is frustrated over the fact that pro-life conservatives won a monumental battle in Texas on July 13.  HB-2, which was signed into law by Gov. Perry yesterday bans abortions after 20-weeks into a pregnancy.  It also mandates that abortion clinics upgrade their medical equipment – and be reclassified as surgical medical centers. 

Particularly annoyed with the new law was one Philip Bump of the Atlantic.  In his July 18 piece, Bump groused that Perry passed political optics 101 by having plenty of women with him at HB-2's signing ceremony.

Of course, polls show the new law is supported by 62 percent of Texans, and it was pro-life women who fought to get the bill through the Texas legislature. Those were inconvenient truths for Bump, who censored those details from his story. 

State Representative Jodie Laubenberg sponsored the bill in the Texas House while State Senator Donna Campbell -- who is a "double-board certified physician" according to her campaign website -- led the fight in state legislature's upper chamber. Campbell has probably forgotten more medicine than media darling and pro-choice Democrat Wendy Davis could ever hope to learn, but aside from Fox News, she's received little or no air time to discuss her support for the law.


In fact, while everyone drooled over Campbell’s colleague, Wendy Davis, even suggesting she run for governor, for her filibuster of the abortion law – Donna Campbell was receiving rape threats for her pro-life stance.  These too went largely unreported, yet conservatives, the media have been telling us for a year, are the ones with the rape problem.  Chalk this up as another ugly example of how women, who aren’t of the liberal persuasion, remain marginalized by the press. 

At the same time, Bump used the left's favorite bogeyman, former President George W. Bush to juxtapose the signing of two pro-life bills:

Perry's predecessor as governor of the state provided perhaps the all-time best illustration of why this is important. When he signed into law the 2003 federal ban on partial-birth abortions, President Bush was ringed by nine male members of Congress, all beaming down at him happily.

Yes, because federal laws preventing the murder of children via partial-birth abortion, is something to be proud of.  The same applies to the Texas abortion battle.

Liberal reporters love to tell us that Democrats look out for the little guy, the helpless, the powerless. But when Republicans and a handful of pro-life Democrats take a moral stand for the most defenseless and voiceless of all -- unborn children -- the media have a conniption fit. That's doubly true when they're deprived of the patently false narrative that it's only men who are behind legislation to promote a culture of life and regulate abortion.