Hollywood Unhinged: Demonizing and Alienating Middle America

July 28th, 2018 2:30 PM

It’s an amazing thing to watch how America has gone from the land of the free and the home of the brave to a nation that more resembles a dystopia or utopia existing only in the dreams of social justice warriors..

After reading pieces from the MRC Culture on TV team on Hulu’s Harlots and two items on Freeform’s The Bold Type (here and here), it’s more than enough to get the picture as to what passes as content worthy of American cable airwaves. And, needless to say, it isn’t enriching or pretty.

Remember that this garbage was broadcast for all to see, with an endorsement or no visible skepticism from network executives. Those working in the entertainment industry are undeniably afraid to challenge this kind of propaganda for going astray from social justice warriors.

As a result, the industry has alienated scores of the American population. One of the few exceptions to that rule is the Hallmark Channel and thus has been met with resistance from the far-left because since its programming catered to anyone other than affluent liberals in the big cities.

This summer, Variety reported on this year’s Emmy nominees and with some exceptions being HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm and the excellent Netflix series The Crown, nominated shows either carried anti-conservative or anti-American views meant to lecture the rest of America on how bad they are.

Meanwhile, on a recent CNN documentary called The Trump Show, committed leftist zealot Brian Stelter praised shows like Emmy-nominated The Handmaid’s Tale and the revival of the uber-liberal Will & Grace

He went on to laughably claim that they’re not “trying to lecture their audience,” and only have an agenda to entertain. Really? Give me a break. You rarely see these award shows or people like Stelter praise or give accolades to any programming that celebrates America, offer moral lessons, or serve as feel-good escapism.

Where are family-friendly shows like Fuller House and When Calls the Heart? Where are pro-American shows like NCIS and Blue Bloods? Where’s the long-running Hallmark Hall of Fame, which was once an Emmy darling? In the worlds of Brian Stelter, CNN, and the Emmy Awards, they’re nonexistent.

So, that’s why these social justice warriors use their entertainment programming to spew liberal invective because there’s little downside to it despite declining subscriptions and poor ratings. To put a button on it all, most of what these networks spent their days doing now is accomplishing nothing but the alienation of more than half their potential audience.