Hollywood Unhinged: Part Deux

January 30th, 2017 11:36 AM

In a previous article, I talked about how Hollywood actress Meryl Streep used a speech at the Golden Globe Awards to bash President Donald Trump. Now, there’s another problem brewing in Hollywood. A new television show called Six, which airs on the History Channel, debuted two days before Trump’s inauguration. It was advertised as a patriotic TV show by the network, but in reality, mega-producer Harvey Weinstein used that marketing tactic to hide its anti-American plot line.

Co-created by Weinstein and brothers William & David Broyles, and starring Walton Goggins, the series graphically shows a U.S. Navy SEAL killing an innocent Muslim from Michigan in cold blood as well as committing numerous war crimes. There is no question that this show will probably incite hatred towards our military, but it doesn’t seem that Weinstein cared.

As you may know, Weinstein is no stranger to left-wing agitprop. One example is the Lee Daniels film The Butler, which portrays former president Ronald Reagan (played by the late British actor Alan Rickman) as an uncaring racist who supported the apartheid in South Africa. Then he produced Philomena, which had been criticized as anti-Catholic and anti-Republican, and yet was loved by the media, including ABC’s Good Morning America. Now with Six, Weinstein has shown his true anti-American colors.

There comes a point in time when Americans need to take a stand, and we are now at that point. Weinstein has a constitutional right to produce this disgraceful TV show. The military that he despises so much (as seen in the pilot) has fought and died to give him that right, and we as Americans have a right to criticize him and anyone who supports it. Isn’t that special? Weinstein using his money and freedom here in the US to bite the hand that feeds him.

This is not about ideology. This is about a man who is using one of his productions to smear the American military community, people who are currently serving our country, and those who served in the past. Again, while he continues to create movies specifically for his Hollywood elite peers, hundreds of thousands of American citizens are putting their lives on the line, so he can put out his Oscar-bait without ever experiencing the fears of terrorism regular Americans face every day. 

During World War II, Gen. George Patton and perhaps President Franklin Roosevelt would have also been furious at Weinstein, but today, there seems to be no outrage by the press against Weinstein’s actions.

Obviously, there is still some bitterness over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election this past November. But the fact that Weinstein – who himself was a Clinton supporter – is showing that he has open disdain for regular Americans who supported Trump, and especially those who support our armed forces, is disgusting. Disney CEO Bob Iger also supported Clinton, but at least he is still willing to work with the President.

Liberals are not doing this; progressive zealots are. Weinstein certainly falls within that group. No matter what political affiliation, there is no excuse for the entertainment industry to smear the military like this. We all owe a lot of gratitude to our men and women in uniform, and we would not have the freedoms we have today if it weren’t for them. Any American that harms our soldiers like this needs to be reminded of how much they sacrificed for us, and that is exactly why people need to take a stand against Harvey Weinstein.

Editor's Note: This post has been edited and republished with permission from CarolinaCultureWarrior.com.