Joe Scarborough: Rep. Comer 'Trademarked' Dumb Moves, Has a 'Patent on Dumb Moves'

October 24th, 2023 12:18 PM

Mika Brzezinski Joe Scarborough Willie Geist MSNBC Morning Joe 10-24-23One way to know that Morning Joe is a DNC talking-points show is their hatred for Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee. Last month, Joe Scarborough "wisecracked" that Arnold the Pig from the Sixties sitcom Green Acres "would do a better job than James Comer." 

On Tuesday, Scarborough & Co. ran a clip of Comer on Fox Business lamenting the vote to dump Speaker Kevin McCarthy: "We've wasted three weeks, and this was a dumb move by those eight Members of Congress."

Comer went so far as to say he was "ashamed" at what his colleagues had done.

Far from lauding Comer for sounding "swampy" or "establishment," Scarborough dove again into derision:

If James Comer is saying it's a dumb move, like, he trademarked dumb move. He's got a patent on dumb moves.

Later, Mike Barnicle—who knows a thing or two about dumb moves—stole Scarborough's line, and even took it an ugly step further, calling the Republican Chairman "Dumb-Moves Comer."

Hilariously, Mika Brzezinski had obviously not gotten the memo. She didn't realize that Morning Joe had come to bury Comer, not to praise him.  So as soon as the Comer clip ended, Mika—going horribly off script—actually complimented him, saying, "that's experience and insight." Scarborough promptly cut in to kick off the condemnation of Comer, with his line about Comer having "trademarked dumb move." Mika quickly got the message, responding, "Mm-hmm, got that."

And after Scarborough added that Comer had the "patent" on dumb moves, Mika, wanting to show she was on board, and flashing her savvy, said, "you can scan it." As you'll see in the screencap, she made a gesture suggesting scanning a QR code. So high-tech hip, that Mika!

So let Scarborough gloat for now. Comer and his committee are looking into the Biden family's influence-peddling schemes. If it turns out that the "Big Guy" did take a piece of the profits, well, that would be a really dumb move.

Morning Joe mocking Republican Rep. James Comer as "Dumb-Moves Comer" was sponsored in part by Abbvie, maker of Rinvoq. 

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:23 am EDT

JAMES COMER: We've wasted three weeks, and this was a dumb move by those eight Members of Congress. Many of them are on my committee. I like at least six of the eight [Larry Kudlow laughs.]

At the end of the day, they had no plan. They had no plan. And Larry, this could stretch out another two or three weeks. This is unfortunate, and, I'm ashamed that we're in this position. Hopefully, we'll find someone that can get 217 votes soon.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Now, I've gotta say, Willie --

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: That's experience and insight.

SCARBOROUGH: -- If James Comer is saying it's a dumb move, like, he trademarked dumb move.

MIKA: Mm-hmm, got that.

SCARBOROUGH: And he's talking about -- a patent, I guess, on dumb moves.

MIKA: You can scan it.

SCARBOROUGH: It's just such a mess, isn't it?

. . . 

This is such a crisis. It's a crisis not only for the Republicans in the House, it's a crisis for Americans. And it's, it's a crisis that has global implications.

You've got Chairman [of the House Foreign Affairs Committee] Mike McCaul, who knows something or another about world events, saying this. Quote, the world is on fire. This is so dangerous what we are doing, [what his party is doing.] It empowers and emboldens our adversaries like Chairman Xi of China, who says, democracy doesn't work.

And what McCaul says his fellow Republicans are doing right now by being this reckless is, they're proving Xi right!

MIKE BARNICLE: Yeah, you know, Joe, it's interesting. Chairman McCaul, the past month or so, even longer than that, has sounded like someone who does not belong to the existing, very public, Republican party that we witness each and every night, and each and every day on TV, with their chaos.

And with all due respect to, what did we call him, "Dumb-Moves Comer," that we were just talking about earlier, I was speaking to a couple of people yesterday, both of whom are back from Europe on business trips in the past ten days, and Richard Haass would probably have more information on this sort of thing than I do.

But anecdotally, they were talking about fielding questions from respected European businesspeople, wondering about the foundations of our democracy here, given all that's going on, with just the Speakership in the House.