Steele Scaremongers: If Elected in '24, Trump Might Declare Himself President for Life!

August 25th, 2023 2:12 PM

Michael Steele MSNBC Morning Joe 8-25-23 And liberals accuse conservatives of cooking up outrageous conspiracy theories? Like Biden won't last through a second term? 

On Friday's Morning Joe, Michael Steele, the former RNC Chairman turned MSNBC analyst, floated the latest authoritarian American-Mussolini theory.  
He suggested that if Donald Trump won the 2024, he would refuse to leave office at the end of that term -- in violation of the 22nd Amendment limiting presidents to two terms.

Discussing the Georgia indictments over the 2020 election, Steele argued  :Donald Trump, a year before all of this began, was telling us, if I lose this election, it was rigged. Because I own this election. This is mine. I'm going to be president for as long as I want to be president."

No rational American should vote for Trump, because you'd be voting for a dictator: 

STEELE: And so, America, can I say to you, if you put the man back in office in January 2025, what the hell you think he's going to be trying to do the next four years? He's not gonna say, "well, thank you for the four years, I'm ready to move on."


STEELE: He's got enough role models globally to look at, at how he can try to lock in his power. And trust me, he's not going to have a Bill Barr sitting over at AG who's going to try to shut down that back-end process. He's not going to have, you know, people who are going to stand up to him in the FBI, or any place else. He is going to --


STEELE: -- to put the sycophants in place who will nod and say, "yes, sir, how much of this do you want us to take for you?" And that's what we need to understand here.

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah, exactly.

Donald Trump, President for Life. Really, Michael Steele?

Notice that four times during Steele's fevered fantasy, Joe Scarborough interjected to express his agreement. So Steele's got at least one recruit for his conspiracy theory!

Scarborough added that "As Chris Christie said, he was going to be trying to do this from the summer of 2020. He was already starting to prepare people for this, the elections being rigged against me, because he thought he was going to lose. Chris Christie said that to me well before he was even thinking about running for president."

PS: During Steele's time on screen, MSNBC even gleefully thumped Trump with the on-screen caption "INMATE #P01135809 RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT."


On Morning Joe, Michael Steele scaremongering that if elected in 2024, Donald Trump would refuse to leave office at the end of his term and declare, "I'm going to be president for as long as I want to be president," was sponsored in part by Allstate, Subway, Infiniti, and Abbvie, maker of Rinvoq.