Tiffany Cross MSNBC Show Unloads: Ginni Thomas a Shill, Flack, Liar, Criminal!

October 1st, 2022 11:05 PM

On Tiffany Cross' MSNBC show on Saturday, Cross and MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner trashed Ginni Thomas as a shill, flack, liar . . . and criminal!

Kirschner bizarrely claimed that Thomas telling the committee that she continued to believe that the 2020 election had been stolen constituted not just a lie, but a prosecutable crime!  Kirschner:

 "I'll go on record as saying, Ginni Thomas lied when she said the election was stolen. That is not a fact-based position that anybody can take. That's a lie. And when you tell Congress, or congressional investigators, lies, whether or not they're under oath, that can serve as the basis of a criminal offense."

"What? You don't believe Joe Biden is our duly elected president? Off to the gulag with you!" 

But seriously, it sounds like Kirschner, a former federal prosecutor, would somehow make the holding of certain beliefs into a prosecutable thought crime. That would transform tens of millions of Americans into potential criminals. We're gonna need a lot more prisons!

Speaking of bizarro notions, Cross suggested that Thomas' husband, Justice Clarence Thomas, be brought to testify before the J6 committee. Kirschner had to gently talk Cross in off that legal ledge.

And as is her wont when it comes to conservatives, Cross resorted to a nasty personal attack, calling Thomas a "Real Housewife of Election Lies." Thomas is a lawyer, a former congressional aide, Heritage Foundation liaison to the George W. Bush administration, and political activist. How would Cross react if a conservative characterized a Democrat woman with a comparable background as a "housewife?"

As is also Cross' custom, she dragged in a pop-culture reference, somehow claiming that Clarence Thomas was the inspiration for a character in black director Jordan Peele's Get Out, a horror/sci-fi movie featuring a black man in a relationship with a white woman. 

On Tiffany Cross' MSNBC show, Cross and MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner trashing Ginni Thomas was sponsored in part by Subway, Apple, and T-Mobile

Here's the transcript.

The Cross Connection
10:22 am EDT

TIFFANY CROSS: All right, well, our favorite Real Housewife of Election Lies made an appearance on Capitol Hill this week. Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, was interviewed by the January 6th committee for five hours on Thursday. And according to the committee chair, she still falsely claimed that the 2020 election was stolen.

. . . 

Now, she claims her efforts to overturn the election never came up in conversations with her husband. Let me be the first to say, we don't believe you. You need more people. Honestly, who believes that they weren't talking about this?

. . . 

Well, something I think would be interesting is to hear from Jordan Peele's character inspiration for "Get Out," Mr. Justice Clarence Thomas himself. What's the legal precedent of having him testify before the January 6th committee? I mean, we've never seen anything like this. But certainly, he would be able to offer some insight here. I know we could get into some touchy areas because they're married, so I don't know that he would necessarily be able to offer testimony against his spouse. How would all that work?

GLENN KIRSCHNER: Yeah, different jurisdictions have different spousal privileges in place. Most of them guard against courts or governments ever being able to compel somebody to testify about private communications between two spouses. So, I think it's very unlikely that Clarence Thomas will ever testify before the January 6th committee. 

And I think Ginni Thomas knew that, which is why when I was listening to the accounts of what she said, she very much was acting like a shill, or a flack, for her husband, making all of these claims. We never discussed it. We had a strong policy against ever discussing these kinds of things. 

. . . 

CROSS: I mean, this is a clear and present danger to the Court, in my opinion. You have an election denier married to a Supreme Court Justice. My question would be, what influence does she have over other pending cases if she is clearly still delusional enough to spout the same nonsene that members of the MAGA cult having been spouting after they threw a fatal, political temper tantrum on Capitol Hill that day? Is there any circumstance where she would be or could be held accountable for the role that she played and the actions she to overthrow the U.S. government?

KIRSCHNER: You know, let's hope the Department of Justice, and not just the J6 committee, is digging into precisely that question, Tiffany, and using that power of the grand jury to investigate that. 

Because what I can say, and I'll go on record as saying, Ginni Thomas lied when she said the election was stolen. That is not a fact-based position that anybody can take. For goodness sake, she's married to a judge! . . . Ginni Thomas tells us, she's the one who's right--the election was stolen. That's a lie. And when you tell Congress, or congressional investigators, lies, whether or not they're under oath, that can serve as the basis of a criminal offense.