Scarborough: If Trump Loses, He Might Commit Treason to Pay Off His Business Debts

September 29th, 2020 11:58 AM

Abandon hope, all ye who think MSNBC is a "news" channel. As the weeks tick down to election day, the kooky conspiracies are going to take off. On Tuesday's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough was so panicked about the rickety state of Trump's finances that treason is a plausible conspiracy theory! 

Remember when the media got all bent out of shape that Trump called them the "enemy of the people"? Well, that's exactly what MSNBC was heavily suggesting today: if Trump loses, he might betray the United States, selling top-level intelligence to get out of debt. Pass it along!

You'll never guess the impeccable source of Scarborough's scabrous speculation: none other than the palpably peccable Mark Brzezinski. Joe's brother-in-law. Mika's brother. A former Obama campaign advisor whom Obama rewarded with an ambassadorship. Oh, and let's not forget . . . a Biden fundraiser!

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You talked about vulnerability. Everybody's talking about, what if he gets reelected? I've got a more frightening scenario, that Mark Brzezinski, the former ambassador, was talking to me about last night, and others. What happens if he loses? What happens if Jared, Ivanka and Donald Trump —

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: And all the secrets they have.

SCARBOROUGH: -- have all of this information. And has the so-called crown jewels of American intel? What about, just the inside information that they have on the development of a vaccine? The dangers inherent there could be equally as bad, as far as him trading state secrets to get out of $400-$500 million in debt.

These cable news hucksters are always suggesting Trump's going to be a Russian asset, or an obvious bribery target. Imagine anyone on Fox saying this about Obama and imagine the heart attacks and strokes on the Morning Joe set. 

Scarborough was selling this conspiracy theory to Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, whose initial reaction was to try to talk his friend off the ledge:

DAVID IGNATIUS: Obviously we don’t want to speculate [!] about what he might do to relieve his — what will be a severe financial burden if he’s defeated. But the fact that that burden exists --

SCARBOROUGH: No, no. But you were talking about what people are concerned about, about debt — you’re talking about how — what people have to worry about before somebody gets into government service if they’re carrying a debt. There are other things that we need to be looking at too, to be prepared for all eventualities.

IGNATIUS: Absolutely....Donald Trump, if he’s defeated, is going to have a terrible time keeping this empire afloat. This is going to be a period like the 1990s when three or four of his businesses went bankrupt, when he nearly went personally bankrupt. You just look at the numbers and you know he has a terrible crisis coming. Who holds the debt? That’s the final question that we need to know. Who holds that $400 million in debt?

The liberal media's party line regarding information gleaned from President Trump's tax returns is obviously to allege that the president represents some some of "national security" threat. We noted Tim O'Brien of Bloomberg making that accusation on CNN yesterday. Scarborough's allegation this morning that President Trump might sell out America was along the same line, made crystal clear by the chyron, parroting Nancy Pelosi: "Trump's taxes reveal national security issue." 

Joe Scarborough's suggestion that President Trump might betray the country by selling intelligence to pay off his business debts was sponsored in part by Liberty Mutual, and Chewy.