Flip! Flop! Day After Calling on Bloomberg to Quit, Morning Joe Goes Gaga for Him!

February 28th, 2020 10:14 AM

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday, the Morning Joe crew was insisting that Mike Bloomberg immediately "get out" of the race to clear the field for Biden and prevent a Sanders nomination.

Today, after airing Bloomberg's wide-ranging interview with Kasie Hunt, Morning Joe was overflowing with praise for him! "Great interview! Hasn't lost a step! Better prepared to run country than other candidates!"



What is it about Joe and Mika constantly changing their minds? Here's another way that Bloomberg is the Trump of this cycle. 

At the end of the segment, Scarborough said that based on the interview, "we're in for a long Democratic primary." That would reflect a view that not only won't Bloomberg drop out, but that he shouldn't.

This kind of head-snapping, rubber-burning 180 shows that Morning Joe and the rest of the MSM basically know nothing. Their opinions are worthless, with a shelf life no longer than the time it takes for the words to leave their mouths. 

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:39 am ET

KASIE HUNT: You dismissed your debate performance. The first one was widely panned, second one less so, saying this is something that, these guys have had a lot of practice doing. Aren’t Democratic voters looking for someone who can really stand up to Donald Trump on the debate stage?

MIKE BLOOMBERG: No. They’re looking for somebody who can run the country and somebody that can beat Donald Trump. And the debate is just one thing. We’re not looking for a debater-in-chief. You know? Just because you’re a good college debater doesn’t mean you can run the country. This is insanity. 

. . . 

HUNT: If you’re elected, do you commit to only serving two terms as President of the United States? 

BLOOMBERG: I will not try to change the Constitution. That’s correct. Yes, but keep in mind it was my city council that did it. I just signed the bill [chuckles.]

HUNT: Mike Bloomberg, thank you for very much for your time. I really appreciate it.

BLOOMBERG: You're welcome.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Oh, my gosh. Such a good interview!

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Great interview. You know, Kasie, a lot of people were talking about how Mike Bloomberg’s lost several steps, he looked confused, dazed, out there on the debate stage. Anybody that thought that, and then just watched that interview, actually saw that Bloomberg is still at the top of his game.

MIKA: It was really a great interview.

SCARBOROUGH: Really great.

MIKA: It was wide-ranging. But you know, we've met Bloomberg over the years, done stuff with him. And what we didn't see during the debate, we saw in that interview.    

SCARBOROUGH: Bloomberg here. Terrible on the debate stage. But actually, I think Mika was right when she said before he did his first debate, he should have done a lot of interviews. Because he’s very strong in that setting and in the give-and-take you do understand how much more equipped he is to run the country than, say, Donald Trump, or even some of the other people on the campaigns, on the Democratic stage, who just seem to be spouting out talking points.

. . . 

It was one of those interviews that actually changes, at least my impression of a candidate. Because I really did think, and I heard it from so many other people, that Mike Bloomberg had lost several steps over the past few years. Because he seemed just completely out of it in the debates. 

He hasn't lost a step, if you look at that interview. Which just means we're in for --  

MIKA: We're in for a wild ride.

SCARBOROUGH: We're in for a long Democratic primary.