CNN's Camerota Shocked to Learn of Bernie's Bizarre Nude-Kid-Touching Suggestion

February 25th, 2020 12:29 PM

On CNN this morning, Alisyn Camerota proved in real-time a Bloomberg aide's allegation that the media has failed to properly vet Bernie Sanders.

On New Day, senior Bloomberg adviser Tim O'Brien said that Sanders had advocated that "toddlers should run around naked and touch each other's genitals to insulate themselves from porn." 

"What?? What??!!," a shocked, astonished, and utterly gobsmacked Camerota exclaimed. But yeah, Sanders did say it, which Camerota would have known had she or anyone at CNN had read this Mother Jones article, or this more recent article from Inquisitr.



O'Brien made clear that, when it comes to attacking Sanders, tonight's debate will be Bloomberg's Revenge of the Nerd moment. O'Brien variously referred to Sanders and/or his campaign as "thuggish, Trumpy, trippy, loopy, loony." 

Should be an entertaining evening!

Note: O'Brien said that Sanders had written that women get cervical cancer from having too many orgasms. Looks like it was the other way around: Sanders theorized that women got cancer due to an inability to achieve orgasm. Loopy either way!

Here's the transcript.

New Day
7:45 am ET

TIM O'BRIEN: I think Bernie’s campaign has run itself in a very thuggish way. There are very Trumpy-like aspects to the way that Bernie's been running things.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Or is it just that they're winning? I mean, is that what's changed?

O'BRIEN: No, because this happened before the debate. Bernie's team put out falsehoods about Mike that we had to answer. Bernie has gone through this campaign without being held accountable. He hasn’t been vetted as thoroughly by the media as some of the other candidates, other Democrats on the stage . . . Bernie has a very trippy record to say the least . . . Bernie has all of this loopy stuff in his background, saying  things like women get cancer from having too many orgasms, or toddlers should run around naked and touch each other’s genitals to insulate --


O'BRIEN: -- themselves from porn.

CAMEROTA: What??!!

O'BRIEN: Why has this stuff not been more surfaced? He's written about women's rape fantasies. That hasn't been surfaced. That's the loony side of Bernie.