Morning Joe and CNN Dig Through Rubble of Democrat Iowa Caucus Disaster

February 4th, 2020 9:56 AM

Debacle. Disaster. Fiasco. There's no shortage of descriptors for the colossal cock-up that were the Democrat Iowa caucuses. 

Rather than choose just one among the many amusing moments as the liberal media tried to rummage through the ruins this morning, we present our readers with a mashup of lowlights from MSNBC's Morning Joe and CNN's New Day. View the video for:


  • Joe Scarborough saying it was a bad "omen" when landing in Des Moines and two out of five bathroom stalls were out of order. "If they can't run a bathroom, how can they run a democracy?"
  • CNN poll maven Harry Enten saying the lackluster turnout was "concerning, suggests Democrat enthusiasm for the 2020 general election not "as strong as it once was."
  • Al Sharpton saying Biden doesn't want to clear up what happened in Iowa: "as long as it is cloudy, he can escape through the smoke." Al adds: "the winners [sic] last night, unfortunately, was Donald Trump," and Bloomberg who can claim to be the "competent" candidate. Al pointedly notes: "I'm not supporting anybody at this point," but Bloomberg has claim to competence. Could Sharpton be sniffing some Bloomberg cash in the offing?
  • Sam Stein suggesting Biden might want to skip New Hampshire, where Sanders and Warren will "wipe the floor" [with him], and head straight to his supposed "firewall" in South Carolina. Stein also spills some beans, mentioning that "everyone is projecting" a fourth-place finish for Biden in Iowa, which Stein describes as "terrible" and "truly horrible."

Here's the transcript.

MSNBC-Morning Joe
CNN-New Day
6:03 am ET

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I knew it was a bad sign when I fly into the Des Moines airport-- first bathroom I go into, two of the five stalls, not working, out-of-order signs. I knew it was an omen. I kept it to myself. You never talk about things like that on the air, but I just did. Because I'm thinking: you know what? They can't run a bathroom, how are they going to run a democracy?  

WILLIE GEIST: Early-entrance polling from Joe in the men's room at the Des Moines airport. 

. . . 

JOHN BERMAN Another metric, Harry Enten, that could be of concern to Democrats is the turnout. What do you know about that?

HARRY ENTEN: Yeah. You know, the Democratic party released a statement saying it was basically the same as it was in 2016. Of course, the record turnout, well over 200,000, was back in 2008. And this to me is concerning because if you look at other metrics across the road, right, look at special elections in 2019 and 2020, you see that Democrats aren’t quitre overperforming in the same way they were in 2017 and 2018 versus the 2016 baseline. So when you start putting a picture together, right, maybe the Democratic enthusiasm isn’t as strong as it once was as we head into 2020 general.

. . . 

AL SHARPTON: Well let's put it this way. If I was Joe Biden, I wouldn’t want to clear up what happened Iowa. Because as long as it is cloudy, he can escape through the smoke, so to speak . . . So the winners last night, unfortunately, was Donald Trump who can now say, oh, they’re talking about vote incompetence. Look at what happened in their opening round. And Michael Bloomberg who can say, I’m the one Democrat that is an expert on competence. And I’m not supporting anybody at this point, but Bloomberg’s got to be fixing his collar for appearances today, because he’s the one that can say, I’m competent. 

. . . 

SAM STEIN: And you know, I don't know the guy. If he feels, maybe it makes sense for him to just say, I’m not going to compete in New Hampshire. I'm going to go straight to South Carolina because I have two neighboring senators who are going to wipe the floor up here, and I need to actually have that firewall and tend to it. I don’t think they’ll ever make that play cause it signals weakness. But you have to imagine that that conversation has to be happening in campaign headquarters 

. . . 

Let's be clear, the results last night, were like, terrible for Biden. He only got saved by the bureaucratic incompetence of the Iowa Democratic party. But a fourth-place finish, which everyone is projecting right now from all the internals is truly horrible.

SCARBOROUGH: Let’s wait and see what those results actually are, but some really bad images coming out. 

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