Scarborough Stinks at Predictions, But, Hey: Trump Will Be 'Routed,' Lose in 2020 'Landslide'

July 22nd, 2019 8:04 AM

Ooh, how brave of Joe Scarborough, courageously speaking truth to power! On today's Morning Joe, Scarborough sneeringly addressed President Trump by his first name, saying, "Donald, Donald: you're making a fool of yourself again. This ends very badly for you."

Scarborough went on to declare that in 2020, Trump will lose in a "landslide" and be "routed." Speaking of Trump's criticism of the Squad, Scarborough confidently predicted that "there is no way this leads to victory."



To lend credibility to his prediction, Scarborough bragged that in the previous presidential cycle, he said Trump could win. Maybe early on, but in June 2016, Swami Scarborough declared that compared to the drubbing that Trump was about to endure, "Barry Goldwater [who lost 44 states plus DC] is going to look like an extremely successful candidate." And last year, Scarborough predicted that Trump wouldn't even run in 2020. How's that crystal ball looking now, Joe?

In any case, Joe, your prediction of a Trump landslide loss is duly noted. We'll check back with you on the night of November 3rd, 2020. In the meantime, keep up those over-the-top attacks on Trump. To the extent any of his supporters are watching, you're helping to ensure they'll make it to the polls. 

Here's the transcript.
Morning Joe
6:21 am EDT

JOE SCARBOROUGH: So please, Stephen Miller, please, Donald, Donald --

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: You know better.

SCARBOROUGH: -- you’re making a fool of yourself, again. This is going to end very badly for you. Speaking of which, Elise [Jordan, an "MSNBC Republican"], all of this is deeply offensive, but I’m already tired of all the op-eds I’m going to have to read after Donald Trump loses in a landslide. People saying, well of course, this was due to happen because his bigotry only appealed to one-third of the electorate. That will happen. Just like we said Donald Trump could win, I’m telling you, that will happen. This is what gets me. This is such a losing proposition. This is the politics of subtraction. There is no way this leads to victory. This gets women, suburban voters, educated voters, of course people of color. It gets them fired up in a way that they’ll go out to vote, whereas this depresses a lot of support for Donald Trump. That’s what I don’t understand, Elise. Why he’s being a bigot and a racist, thinking that that’s going to help him get elected. It’s not! It’s going to ensure that he is routed next year.