Scarborough Jokes About Manafort Being Locked Up in Rikers Island Hellhole

June 10th, 2019 9:13 AM

The liberal media feigns horror over "lock her up" refrains. But when it comes to a Trump associate actually being locked up in a notoriously awful jail, well, that's a cause for mirth and hilarity.

And thus it was that on today's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough joked about Paul Manfort being confined at Rikers Island, which has been described as a "hellhole," as here, here, and  "the most notorious jail in America."



Here's how it came down:

Washington Post investigative reporter Carol Leonnig was a guest to discuss the article she co-authored about alleged lavish personal spending by Wayne LaPierre and other NRA officials. 

Jonathan Lemire of AP/MSNBC, in questioning Leonnig about the expenditures, cited the reported $275,000 spent at a men's clothing store for LaPierre. Lemire jokingly said that LaPierre dresses better than he does. That set off a string of joking insults from the panel about the way Lemire dresses. Leonnig, in turn, came to Lemire's defense, saying he looked "fine."

At the end of the segment, there was more ribbing by the panel of Lemire's clothes. Meacham facetiously spoke of "the Paul Manafort Collection."  Responded Scarborough: "available at Rikers Island." The panel found that amusing, with laughter all around.

A regular laugh riot, that Joe. Wonder if he's ever visited Rikers? Keep this one in mind next time you hear Scarborough or another member of the liberal media expressing righteous indignation about "lock her up."

Here's the transcript. Click "expand" to read more. 

Morning Joe
6:47 am EDT

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Jonathan Lemire, Carol, has the first question for you. Jonathan?

JONATHAN LEMIRE: Hi, Carol. Two things for you. First, walk us through some of these eye-popping numbers you're seeing here, including $275,000 from a men's store for Wayne LaPierre. He dresses better than I do. 

PANEL: [Inaudible, good-natured mocking of Lemire's attire]

LEMIRE [facetiously]: Wait. Hold on. The table has turned on me here. The table has turned on me.

JON MEACHAM: We thought your camo Italian suit was really good last week.

LEMIRE: Thank you, thank you. Secondly, the NRA has obviously wielded incredible political clout in recent elections, particularly in 2016. Talk to us about how that could change because of all the infighting we’re seeing here that you’ve documented in your piece.

CAROL LEONNIG: Jonathan, in addition to the fact that I think you look quite fine

LEMIRE: Thank you. Finally some support.

LEONNIG: I will answer this question.

. . . 

BRZEZINSKI: Carol, thank you very much for your reporting. Please keep us posted.

SCARBOROUGH: A great story. Also thank up for your kind words about Jonathan Lemire. Always appreciated.

JON MEACHAM: The Paul Manafort collection.

LEMIRE: The ostrich? [a reference to the fact that Manafort took a lot of flak for having an expensive ostrich-skin jacket] Think I could wear the ostrich?


LEMIRE: I could do the ostrich. Okay.

SCARBOROUGH: Now available at Rikers Island. [laughter from panel]