Bernie's Wife Twice Corrects Herself: He Throws 'Holiday' Not 'Christmas' Party

October 26th, 2015 7:21 PM

God forbid  it should be said that Bernie Sanders throws a "Christmas" party!

Sanders wife, Jane O'Meara Sanders, was interviewed on today's With All Due Respect. When Mark Halperin asked the affable Mrs. Sanders to share a side of her husband that people might not know, she twice mentioned that Bernie organizes an annual "Christmas" party. And twice she promptly corrected herself, calling it a "holiday" party. 

I wouldn't have kvetched had Mrs. Sanders called it a holiday party from the get-go. After all, like this NewsBuster, Bernie presumably grew up celebrating Chanukah, not Christmas. And since these are public parties, there are bound to be people of different faiths present. But once Jane Sanders went with "Christmas," perhaps it would have been okay just to leave it out there. Or perhaps not, in the politically-correct environment of a Dem primary.

MARK HALPERIN: What's like an anecdote or a trait of his you think--God--I wish everybody in the country knew that: it's got nothing to do with issues, but just about him?  

JANE O'MEARA SANDERS: Well, he loves music and he's just very sincere, and when he's not talking about the issues, and he's with seniors, for instance, in Vermont, he's very there, he's very present. He's listening to them and enjoying what they're telling him. He is thinking in the back of his mind what else has to happen but, you know, he does a Christmas party every year--holiday party. 

HALPERIN: We're coming to that.

SANDERS: Good, good. For seniors, and then there's one that
-- he ran his first campaign for mayor against a condominium complex, a luxury condominium complex on the waterfront. He wanted a people-oriented waterfront. The developer of that has become a very, very good friend. He's a Republican -- we've never asked him for any donations or anything, but he has become a good friend, and he started with us 35 years ago to have a Christmas party--a holiday party--for low income families.