Free Market System Outrages NBC's Robach

September 15th, 2007 7:47 AM

Somebody arrest the CEO of Bank of America. The knave is forcing poor Amy Robach to use his bank's ATM machines. At least, so it would seem from Amy's statement on this morning's "Today."

The NBC show ran a segment this morning about the fact that BoA has raised its ATM fees for non-customers to $3. When things were kicked back to co-anchor Robach in the studio, she unloaded.

View video here.

AMY ROBACH: It is an outrage! Three dollars, to take out twenty or forty bucks?

Co-anchor Lester Holt sympathized.

LESTER HOLT: And I get it, it's for non-customers. But for example, here in New York I use my home bank ATMs, but you travel, and you go to some place, and you have to use another bank. Three dollars seems a little excessive to get your money.

Great points, Amy and Lester. An outrage! Excessive! Why doesn't Hillary propose some kind of government commission to set a "fair" price?

But why stop with ATM fees? Amy, on next week's show, why not catalogue all your expenses from the past year? If a $3 ATM fee is an outrage, why, $299 for a pair of shoes or 600 clams for a meal for four at some frou-frou French restaurant sound like nothing short of felonies to me!