Time to Play WIARHSI: Hillary Says 'I Like Seeing Women in Charge'

March 11th, 2007 7:38 AM
Without a lot of breaking news out there this morning, why not pass some of today's 23 hours with an exhilirating session of one of our favorite games, WIARHSI, which as regular readers know stands for "What if a Republican Had Said It?"

Check out this paragraph from a Newsday article that reports on a Hillary campaign event in Nashua, New Hampsire:
"The former first lady, referring to New Hampshire's roster of female Democratic officials, quipped, 'I don't know about you, but I like seeing women in charge.'"
For purposes of WIARHSI, let's imagine that a Republican had made the mirror-image comment: "I don't know about you, but I like seeing men in charge." Fair to say that the feminist howls of outrage would soon be echoing from sea to shining sea? But what are the odds that Hillary's blatant appeal to sexist solidarity will cause even the smallest ripple in the MSM?

Note how Newsday tries to cover for Hillary, casting her comment as a mere "quip." Real side-splitter!

It goes without saying that no candidate could survive saying that he likes to see "whites" in charge, but it's hard even to imagine Obama saying that he likes to see African-Americans in charge. Why does Hillary think this is a legitimate and appealing pitch?

An additional note: Obama is frequently compared to another young, charismatic Democrat -- JFK. At the same Nashua event where she got off her "women in charge" line, Hillary tried to cloak herself in JFK's mantle. She told the crowd:

"New Hampshire came together to offer their support to a presidential candidate who came from just south of here; he was smart, he was dynamic, he was inspiring, he was Catholic. A lot of people back then said, you know, America will never elect a Catholic as a president, but those who gathered here a half century ago knew better. Some people tell me . . . 'I don't think a woman can be elected president,' I say we'll never know unless we try."

Be on the lookout for clips of Hillary playing touch football on the lawn.

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