MSNBC: Romney on 'Far Right'

February 13th, 2007 9:55 AM
Everyone remembers how on the day Barack Obama announced his presidential candidacy, the MSM was awash with stories of how he is on the "far left" of social issues. Or not.

Not only does Obama support partial birth abortion, as an Illinois state senator he twice voted against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. Read the disturbing details here. Though Obama's record clearly puts him to the extreme port side of the political spectrum on social issues, I challenge readers to cite any MSM description of Obama as "far left."

But it's a whole different MSM ball-game when it comes to labelling Republicans. Literally within minutes of his official announcement this morning, MNSBC applied the "far right" tag to Mitt Romney. MSNBC host Chip Reid's had as his guest to kibitz on the announcement former Wonkette Ana Marie Cox, who according to her Wikipedia entry was once an editor of an online Marxist magazine.

View video here.

Said Reid: "He's a flip-flopper. He was pro-choice, and he was to the left of Ted Kennedy on gay rights in Massachusetts, and now he's to the far right."

Reid prefaced his observation by saying: "He's barely out of the starting blocks and I'm going to go right for his knees." Give Reid full marks for candor. But where is the fairness? Again, when is the last time the MSM labelled any of the major Dem presidential candidates "far-left" on anything?

Aside: as you'll note from the screencap, Reid's "going for the knee caps" comment provoked considerable mirth and hilarity in Cox.

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