Mitt's MSNBC Auto Da Fe: 'You Cross Your Fingers and You Lie'

February 13th, 2007 8:26 PM
It's one thing for Chip Reid or David Gregory to give Mitt Romney a hard time over his abortion position change, as I documented here and here. But on this evening's Hardball, Chris Matthews took it to a fiery new level, and Pat Buchanan got into the act.

Matthews: "This is like the kind of conversions you had in Spain in the old bad days where if you were Jewish, you were Christian the next day or you were burned alive!"

The screencap shows Chris Matthews giving Pat an approving finger as the paleo-con posed and answered his own question:

"Do I believe these are sincere, honest conversions of Rudy or Romney? In my judgment, probably not. I think they're changing their positions for political reasons. And you either accept that or you take the alternative which may be Hillary Rodham Clinton."

Matthews: "Wow. Pretty rough stuff here."

Mike Barnicle: "If you're Mitt Romney, you cross your fingers and you fib, or lie, depending on your point of view. From 1994, he stood next to Ted Kennedy in a debate running for the United States Senate in Massachusetts and said at one point that he could do more for the gay community than Ted Kennedy could. So what do you do about that one with the evangelicals? I don't know. You lie!"

View video here.

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