ABC Trolls for Global Warming Stories

August 2nd, 2006 11:53 AM

In its endless pursuit of the fair & balanced truth, ABC News wants to hear from you on global warming - if you have anecdotes that support the theory, that is.

Have a look at this ABC News International web page: Global Warming Affecting Your Life? E-Mail Us

ABC explains that it's "currently producing a report on global warming and want[s] to find out if you've seen differences in your daily environment that you think are caused by climate change." Note that the photo displayed here is taken from the web page.  Subtle, eh?

Assures ABC: "We hope to hear from you."

Actually, that's not entirely true.  Apparently ABC only wants to hear from you if you can vouch for global warming.  Others need not apply.  These avatars of objective journalism want you to know that 'the differences can be large or small — altered blooming schedules, changes in plants or animals in your community, erosion or droughts.' 

Yes, pretty much anything qualifies - as long as it can be used in support of ABC's pre-ordained story line, which might read "Al Gore Is Right!"