World Record: Gabler Gets Off 'Right-Wing' 4 Times in 14 Seconds

March 11th, 2006 7:08 PM

As has been well-documented by Media Research Center [parent organization of NewsBusters], while MSMers are loath to label anyone or anything 'liberal,' they don't hesitate to brand various entities or individuals 'conservative' or 'right-wing.' Well, folks, I believe we have a new world record in the category.

On tonight's Fox News Watch, in the course of discussing the case of Colorado teacher Jay Bennish - who compared President Bush to Hitler - liberal [there, I said it] Neal Gabler managed to utter the term 'right-wing' four times . . . in 14 seconds. Yes, I checked it by my VCR timer.

Here is Gabler's record-setting rant:

"The parent, the father, went to a right-wing blog. Then they gave the audiotape to a right-wing radio show. The right-wing media flogged the story: 'it was another example of left-wing infiltration into our schools.' Then the mainstream media were bullied by the right-wing media into picking up the story."

Gabler alleged that "something that was of no interest, really, to anyone outside of the small school district is now a national story."

The reputedly conservative Cal Thomas suprisingly said: "I'm very suspect of what the kid did, and the father, immediately going to the conservative media."

Continuing the political gender-bending, it was the usually liberal Jane Hall who riposted: "I thought Matt Lauer was too easy on [Bennish], saying 'were you basically set up?'

Say, you don't suppose Jane read my NewsBusters piece?: Lauer for the Defense: Matt Asks Colorado Teacher "Were You Set Up?"'

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