Fox News Watch: Gabler So Goofy Even Jane Jabs

January 21st, 2006 7:12 PM
Q: How does a lefty media maven know he's gone off the deep end?

A. When even fellow liberal Jane Hall laughs at him.

Neal Gabler should take the lesson to heart, because that's exactly what befell him on tonight's Fox Media Watch. The subject matter was the media's handling of Hillary's 'Plantation Declaration'. Jane began with a surprisingly candid assessment of Clinton and her presidential ambitions:

"She's clearly running for President and I think the media should quit going around that fact. She's tiptoeing around that fact. The question I have was whether [her plantation remark] was spontaneous or planned. She's been so planned - that's what she's been known for. [She might have given an impromptu answer to a question] but if she reached for the race card, then that's a different context."

That's when Gabler weighed in with the risible notion that the MSM is dominated by . . . conservative spin.

"What we see here in the media coverage is the same old story. The MSM taking Republican spin points and just retailing them. It's one size fits all. If Al Gore gives a speech, if Howard Dean gives a speech, if Ray Nagin gives a speech, or if Hillary Clinton gives a speech, 'they're crazy, they're out of control, they're nuts!'"

Hey Neal, if the strait-jacket fits, wear it.

Jane tried to interject "but she [Clinton] is the one who [made the comments], Neal."

Gabler wouldn't be silenced: "Let me address that. What Hillary Clinton said - Google that, see how many Republicans including Newt Gingrich [have spoken of a plantation]."

That's when Jane literally laughed in Gabler's face as she sarcastically replied: "before a black audience on Martin Luther King Day?"

Neal, having Jane Hall laugh at you and your arguments about conservative media bias is the equivalent of a 5th-grader having his mother walk out on his piano recital. Time for reflection, Mr. Gabler.