No Good Deed Goes Unpunished as Today Show Now Frets Too Many Troops in New Orleans

September 5th, 2005 7:22 AM

It had to happen. When the chorus of MSM complaints of federal inaction was drowned in a sea of thousands of soldiers moving into New Orleans, the MSM nimbly adjusted. Now the problem is . . . too many soldiers.

NBC's Carl Quintanilla framed it this way on this morning's Today show, with the rubric "Chaos in New Orleans" displayed on screen:

"Now that the military is moving in huge convoys of soldiers, concerns that too strong a military presence in too small a space could cause accidents, crashes."

Today then aired footage of a rescue helicopter that had rolled over in the mud, as Quintanilla fretted "it's just what residents of New Orleans do not need as they decide whether to leave a ravaged city or tough it out."

When it comes to the MSM's treatment of the Bush administration's response to Katrina, it's damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Finkelstein has degrees from Cornell University and Harvard Law School.He lives in Ithaca, NY where he hosts "Right Angle," a local political talk show. Finkelstein specializes in exposing liberal bias at NBC's Today Show.