AP Shills for Michael Schiavo

December 7th, 2005 6:03 PM

Months after her death, the Associated Press has reopened the tragic story of Terri Schiavo, this time giving its huge audience the big news that her husband has launched a Political Action Committee:

Michael Schiavo, whose effort to end life support for his brain-damaged wife divided a nation, is launching a political action committee that will challenge candidates based on where they stand on government's reach in private lives.

In rehashing the story, the AP continues just as it left off, lying. Terri Schiavo was no more on “life support” than is an infant child who cannot feed itself. But just to keep the ball rolling--in an AP-ish sort of way--they couldn’t resist jabbing you know who:

Schiavo described himself as a lifelong Republican "before Republicans pushed the power of government into my private family decisions."

For those of you who are remotely interested in why a man who--with the assistance of the right-to-death crowd via the U.S. judicial system--had his wife starved to death, and who claimed to hate the spotlight, would start a PAC, I give you this from his website:

The sanctity of marriage and personal privacy – the right to make life’s most personal decisions for ourselves and our families free from government interference – are fundamental freedoms and American beliefs that I hold dear.

We need to elect leaders with true, traditional American values and some backbone to stand up for them – who respect the sanctity of marriage and put our fundamental right to privacy before political opportunism.

In case anyone has forgotten (the AP apparently has), this paragon of matrimonial sanctity had two children out of wedlock with a woman he lived with during the years of Terri’s infirmity.

But why should that matter to the AP as long as it furthers their political agenda?