AP Continues Anti-GOP Bias

November 13th, 2005 2:10 PM

As is their practice, the Associated Press once again demonstrates that some of their writers will often use quotes by Republican conservatives out of context to damage them; even if that context is one of their own reports. In addition, they will distort and even mis-report facts when it suits their purposes.

In his latest, GOP's Legislative Agenda Losing Steam, the ever-reliable David Espo doesn’t disappoint. He opens his gloom and doom piece explaining the GOP agenda is in trouble due to, “President Bush's sagging poll numbers, an unstable leadership lineup in the House and growing concern about congressional elections less than a year away.”

He goes on to quote liberal Republicans like Olympia Snowe of Maine and Rob Simmons of Connecticut who are worried about retaining their seats in Congress, as if those two represent the president’s agenda. He continues:

Now, the president's polling is lower than at any point in his administration, and GOP concern was deepened by off-year elections that included defeat in last Tuesday's Virginia gubernatorial election. In the Senate, Republicans hold 55 seats but have had a subpar recruiting season to date. Democratic fundraising has been robust.

What he means by a “subpar recruiting season” is up for debate, but his wishful-thinking approach to Democratic fundraising is a tad misplaced according to yesterday’s Washington Post report, Democrats Losing Race For Funds Under Dean.

Espo then seeks to suggest that even conservative icon Rick Santorum is jumping on the Bush-bashing bandwagon: "Mistakes were made" in Iraq, he told reporters.

Pretty devastating if true. Except that Santorum actually said, “Certainly, mistakes were made. But that’s a criticism you can make of every conflict.”

The source of the full quote? The Associated Press.