Editor’s Pick: Daily Wire on Chris Wallace Calling Out Hannah-Jones

April 8th, 2022 11:12 AM

On Thursday, The Daily Wire’s Virginia Kruta reported on how “Former ‘Fox News Sunday’ anchor Chris Wallace got into a heated debate with ‘The 1619 Project’ creator Nikole Hannah-Jones during her appearance on his new CNN+ interview show, ‘Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace?’”

Kruta explained how “the conversation took a turn when Wallace brought up some of the claims Hannah-Jones made in ‘The 1619 Project’ — particularly her assertion that the Greatest Generation had suppressed democracy for African Americans in the United States even as they had gone into battle during World War II to defend democratic ideals.” He pointedly asked: “Again, I am in no way minimizing our terrible racial legacy. But in some of these things, aren’t you overstating?” Hannah-Jones predictably doubled-down on her race-baiting assertions.

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