Nets Cheer Biden ‘On Offense’ After Trump ‘Got Personal’

October 23rd, 2020 5:24 PM

On Friday, Joe Biden’s sycophantic cheerleaders on the network morning shows hailed the Democratic nominee supposedly going “on offense” after President Trump “got personal” by bringing up the Hunter Biden corruption scandal. Ignoring the growing evidence backing up the story, reporters and pundits still insisted it was an “unverified” “smear” against the Bidens.

“President Trump also attacking Biden about unverified claims related to his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings,” correspondent Peter Alexander announced on NBC’s Today show, followed by a clip of Trump raising the issue and Biden attempting to dismiss the scandal. Minutes later, former Democratic Senator turned NBC News political analyst Claire McCaskill ranted: “Well, first of all, if smearing Hunter Biden was gonna work, you know, Biden would not be ahead by almost ten points.”



Leading off ABC’s Good Morning America, co-host and well-known Democratic Party hack George Stephanopoulos wailed: “The President got personal, attacking Biden’s son Hunter. Biden went on offense.” That echoed ABC’s post-debate coverage from Thursday night, which applauded Biden putting Trump “on the defensive repeatedly.”

During her later report on GMA, correspondent Mary Bruce repeated the DNC narrative: “As expected, the President went personal, attacking Biden and his son Hunter, making unverified claims that Biden improperly profited from his son’s business endeavors in Ukraine and China.” She touted “Biden flatly denying the claims” and going “on the offensive over the President’s own foreign business dealings.”

The reporter then applauded the Democrat for “attempting to get the conversation back on track, talking directly to the American people.”

“President Trump repeated his allegations about Biden and his family,” noted correspondent Nikole Killian on CBS This Morning, before highlighting how “Biden accused the President of trying to distract.” Soon after, 60 Minutes correspondent John Dickerson appeared on the broadcast to promise that the “news cycle” would bury any mention of the corruption scandal.

Later in the 8:00 a.m. ET hour, Democratic strategist and CBS News political analyst Jamal Simmons parroted the same spin as McCaskill on NBC, arguing:

Joe Biden did what it is he needed to do. He was out there and he really just, you know, he presented his case and that was the case the American public wanted to hear, that he could be the one who had a plan for the American public and not get into some of those big fights that Donald Trump likes to get into, including about their kids, when Joe Biden didn’t attack any of Trump’s kids even though Trump kept attacking Hunter.

While all three networks did cover the scandal Friday morning, the coverage was exclusively from the perspective of celebrating how Biden had supposedly batted it away during the debate.

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