GMA Corporate Shills Hail ‘Great Leader’ of Disney Being Named ‘Businessperson of the Year’

December 11th, 2019 1:08 PM

After repeatedly behaving like PR agents for parent company Disney over recent weeks, on Wednesday, the hosts of ABC’s Good Morning America took the corporate shilling to a new level as they applauded Time magazine for naming their “great leader,” Disney CEO Bob Iger, the Business Person of the Year.

Following gushing coverage that celebrated Time’s decision to name radical climate activist Greta Thunberg Person of the Year, co-host Michael Strahan declared: Time’s Businessperson of the Year, somebody we all know.” Fellow co-host Robin Roberts excitedly asked: “Who? Who?” Strahan revealed: “CEO of Disney, Bob Iger.”



An image appeared on screen of the glossy magazine spread, which Strahan pointed out featured “An illustration of him and Baby Yoda,” a character from the new Star Wars-based Disney+ streaming show, The Mandalorian.

After Strahan wished “congratulations to Mr. Iger,” Roberts chimed in: “He is our top boss, but he truly is a great guy.” Strahan agreed: “He is a great guy.” Co-host George Stephanopoulos added: “A great guy and he’s a great leader of Disney.” Roberts seconded: “He really is.” Strahan concluded: “Very deserving, congratulations.”

On December 3, GMA devoted a nearly five-minute segment to promoting a new book and corresponding Disney+ documentary called One Day at Disney, which amounted to nothing more than free advertising for the company.

On November 12, the morning show turned from a supposed news program into an infomercial for the launch of Disney+, with a stunning 17 minutes of air time devoted to the new corporate product.

At what point do the journalists at ABC express some shame at having to constantly act like ticket takers at the entrance to Disney World?

Time naming Iger Business Person of the Year proved particularly awkward when the magazine’s editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal appeared exclusively on NBC’s Today show to promote the Person of the Year issue and wound up highlighting the CEO of NBCUniversal’s biggest competitor: