Nets Tout ‘Fed Up’ & ‘Defiant’ Hillary Blaming Media for E-Mail Scandal

August 19th, 2015 11:23 AM

While all three network morning shows covered Hillary Clinton’s ongoing e-mail scandal on Wednesday, the broadcasts focused on the Democratic front-runner being “fed up” with controversy and “defiant” in her response to legitimate questions from the press.
Fill-in co-host Amy Robach led off ABC’s Good Morning America by proclaiming: “Fed up. Hillary Clinton defiant, facing questions once again about those e-mails she turned over to the FBI....The Democratic front-runner literally throwing up her hands in frustration.”

Minutes later, co-host George Stephanopoulos declared: “...some tough questions for Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail. The Democratic front-runner defiant during a testy exchange about her e-mails...” In the report that followed, correspondent Jon Karl observed: “This morning, there is yet another indication that Hillary Clinton is having trouble in the polls and also coming just as she grew visibly irritated when asked more questions about that private e-mail server.”

Karl concluded: “And in that new poll out this morning, George, 56 percent of voters say they believe that Hillary did something wrong with her e-mails, yet, again, another indication that this is taking a toll on her campaign.”

At the top of the 8 a.m. ET hour, news anchor Dan Harris reiterated Clinton’s “frustration”:

And we turn now to Hillary Clinton, clearly fed up with the constant questions about her e-mail and private server. Clinton was defiant in Las Vegas, saying her personal e-mails are her personal business. She insisted she turned everything over that was work related, but the controversy may be taking a toll. In a new poll of Democratic candidates Clinton has slipped below 50 percent for the first time.

CBS This Morning was particularly defensive of Clinton. Co-host Charlie Rose began the show: “A feisty Hillary Clinton spars with reporters over the classified e-mail controversy.” Minutes later, fellow co-host Gayle King announced: “The Democratic frontrunner was grilled on Tuesday about the private e-mail server she used as secretary of state and she did not back down. Nancy Cordes is in Washington with Clinton's very firm response.”

Cordes devoted half of the report talking to Clinton backers, claiming: “The controversy does not appear to have shaken her staunchest supporters.” She continued:

CORDES: CBS News spoke to more than a dozen “Hill blazers”, donors who have raised $100,000 or more.

REGINA MONTOYA: They’re not worried about these issues.

CORDES: Dallas lawyer Regina Montoya and all the others said they aren't worried about the e-mail flap or even paying much attention to it.  

MONTOYA: I can tell you, even just today, I received today a phone call or I spoke to someone who said when is the next event for Hillary?

CORDES: Clinton’s approval ratings among Democrats were still sky high in the latest CBS News poll. Democratic strategist Steve McMahon.

STEVE MCMAHON: And so far there’s no evidence that this has hurt her in the primary other than the fact that she hasn't completely solidified 100% of the vote, which was never really possible anyway.

CORDES: Even Clinton as she left the press conference said it’s reporters, not Democratic voters, who care about the e-mails most.

CLINTON: Nobody talks to me about it other than you guys.

CORDES: It’s true that the issue has not come up at any town hall we’ve seen where Clinton takes questions from dozens of voters. But some donors have expressed concern that where this controversy could hurt her is in the general election when she has to win over not just Democrats but the entire country, Gayle.

KING: Alright Nancy thank you.

On NBC’s Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie touted: “Hillary Clinton getting fiery amid new criticism over her e-mails as secretary of state. This is a controversy she is blaming Republicans and the media for keeping alive.”

In the report that followed, correspondent Kristen Welker told viewers: “'s clear that e-mail issue isn't going away and could be getting to her....Under mounting pressure, Hillary Clinton launched a heated defense of her use of a private e-mail account as secretary of state Tuesday.”

Welker noted the danger the scandal posed to Clinton:

The issue that continues to threaten her second bid for the White House....Now, according to a new CNN poll just out, it shows Secretary Clinton is still the strong Democratic front-runner, she leads Bernie Sanders by double digits. But for the first time her number has dropped below 50% in that poll. Now, in a general election match-up, Donald Trump is catching up to her, now just six points behind her according to that poll. All signs this e-mail issue could be taking a toll.

Welker also pointed out: “The mounting questions giving Republicans fresh fodder.” Soundbites were featured from Flordia Senator Marco Rubio and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush:

SEN. MARCO RUBIO [R-FL]: So it is concerning. I think it shows, quite frankly, incompetence on her part to not know that this was important information she needed to protect.

JEB BUSH: The fact that she's not been forthright in explaining the situation is also a problem.

NBC was the only network to include Republican reaction to the Clinton scandal.