Of Course: ‘View’ LOVED Unhinged Guthrie Vs. 'Misogynistic' 'Menace' Trump

October 16th, 2020 2:33 PM

After all the time The View spent whining about President Trump getting a town hall on NBC yesterday, the hosts opened their Friday show talking nearly exclusively about that town hall instead of their own network’s one with Joe Biden. Co-host Sunny Hostin hailed Savannah Guthrie’s unhinged and hostile treatment towards Trump, while insisting Trump was sexist towards the NBC journalist.

After they complained Trump gave a “very nice dog whistle” to QAnon supporters, Sunny Hostin praised NBC town hall moderator Savannah Guthrie for her combative interactions with the president last night, comparing it to “corralling a cat:”

I actually thought that Savannah Guthrie did a pretty decent job of fact checking him in real time, and, you know -- I think interviewing Trump is kind of like corralling a cat, and a group of cats and she was able to sort of handle it fairly well. 

She added that Trump showed his misogyny by “calling her cute:”



He sort of showed that he is still very much the misogynist -- I think at one point they went back and forth and he called her cute. It had that earmark Megyn Kelly back in the day dynamic which I found very uncomfortable and very unfortunate and misogynistic, but I thought she did better than I think people expected in terms of holding his feet to the fire as best she could. 

Trump made that dismissive “so cute” comment in response to Guthrie making excuses for her network not asking Biden to condemn Antifa at their recent town hall. So that’s "misogynistic", but Guthrie literally shouting at the president comparing him to a “crazy uncle” was perfectly polite and professional journalistic practice?

Inspired by Hostin’s overused misogyny smear, Joy Behar made this crude remark:

Yeah. That's the old Trump giving a woman a little bit of a compliment to endear her so that he can have his way with her possibly, you know?” she gushed.

But co-host Sara Haines claimed President Trump didn’t perform as badly as she expected. Even this neutral statement had to be couched in a pro-Biden disclaimer to appease her Trump-deranged co-hosts:

 I'll state my case. Let me be clear on this. If you are looking for substance and fact and policy and vision and plans, then Joe Biden totally won the night, but on the heels of the train wreck that was the last presidential debate, I don't think he did as bad as he could have done...

Sunny Hostin was aghast at Haines’ opinion. She ranted how the president was “a menace:”

I had the opposite reaction though. I had the opposite reaction to Sara. I thought he looked like a menace. I thought he was out of his mind. I thought the fact that he continued to spread misinformation when he said that 85% -- I think he said 85% of people who wear masks still get COVID after the fact he got COVID and gave it to his family in the White House. I thought it was abhorrent. I had the exact opposite reaction. I didn’t think he did well at all!

Haines quickly clarified that she didn’t think Trump did well, she just didn’t think anything changed.

Later on with liberal Shark Tank host and entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, Joy Behar bragged how ABC's town hall had more viewers than NBC's did, despite her overwrought reaction yesterday:

"Isn't that something? I mean, Donald must be dying," she smirked, noting her failed prediction. 

Cuban noted this was because kids on the social media app TikTok had organized to watch the Biden town hall on multiple devices for the sole purpose of taking viewership numbers from Trump’s town hall (similar to the stunt they pulled by booking seats at Trump’s Tulsa rally in June):

It's the movement on TikTok. My daughter is big on TikTok, right, and all my kids are. There was a movement on TikTok to get young kids to watch Biden instead of Trump specifically so they can embarrass Trump and beat him in the ratings. 

Of course The View hosts loved that, declaring, “the children are our future!” Liberals seem really proud that their kids have adopted their hateful pettiness towards the president, not realizing it makes no difference since they can’t even vote yet.

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