‘View’ Goes Crazy for Kamala: 'Clear Winner' Showed ‘Grace’ to ‘Dangerous’ Bully Pence

October 8th, 2020 3:15 PM

The results are in from last night’s vice-presidential debate and they show that the media already picked Kamala Harris as the winner as soon as she became Joe Biden’s running mate. Despite coming across as unprepared at times, frequently lying and refusing to answer important questions, the media declared the Democrat Senator from California the winner of the debate. The hosts of The View opened their show Thursday in unanimous agreement.

Showing that not an original thought can be found in the mainstream media, co-host Sunny Hostin repeated the same sexism talking points that CNN, ABC, and NBC did last night. Hostin gloated she was the “clear winner” who represented "every woman in America" standing up to a bully like Mike Pence:

SUNNY HOSTIN: [gushing] Well, according to a post-debate CNN poll, Harris was seen as the winner in a contest that, you know, matched expectations. I think Kamala was clearly the winner and for me, she was, you know, every woman in America that has been in a meeting or in any venue where you have a man either taking credit for your ideas or speaking over you, and interrupting you over and over and over again, and I think that she showed tremendous grace in a situation like that because I think she took great care to avoid all the stereotypes that women and especially women of color sometimes fall victim to, like the angry black woman trope ... And I think she could have punched back much harder, but she did not do that, and the emotional and mental fortitude that it takes to restrain yourself like that I know very well, and I think that she did an excellent job last night. 

What debate were they watching? Harris was glaring, rolling her eyes while the VP wouldn't even hurt a fly.

After praising Harris, Joy Behar, added to the vitriol against Pence, sounding completely deranged in her hatred for the VP:

BEHAR: ...[Y]ou know, but the thing about Pence -- see, it's easy to dismiss Trump's craziness in the way he acts like calling her a monster. This guy is much more smooth and smarmy in his lying, you know, kind of like a milkshake laced with Hydroxychloroquine, whatever that is. You know what I'm saying? He's different. You don't trust what he’s saying. He's much more dangerous in many ways, Mike Pence, because -- and then my favorite part was when he goes, stop playing politics with people's lives. That was the biggest joke of the night. Who turned the wearing of masks into a political football? 

Not Kamala. Who is the one who downplayed the danger of COVID in order to get more people to vote for him and to make sure that the stock market didn't go into a tizzy? Not Kamala. 210,000 dead from Trump and Pence playing politics with people's lives. That's who played politics with people's lives. I only felt bad for the fly.

Whoopi Goldberg actually defended Harris not being transparent to the American people about the Dem ticket's plans for the Supreme Court. Her reason? It would give the Trump administration too much ammunition (well, duh!):

WHOOPI: I have to tell you I am very happy that she did not answer some of those questions because, you know I've watched for four years. I've watched them dodge and not answer stuff. Why would they tell her anything? Why would she tell them anything about what she and Joe plan to do or what they've discussed or how they've discussed it? It only gives them more fodder! And I think they’re just starting to get into that, ‘Oh yeah, yeah. You want to know, but we're not going to tell you, and when we're ready to let the people know, we'll tell them. And I like that.

Sounds like Nancy Pelosi's ObamaCare logic. Apparently Whoopi is fine with the Biden administration hiding from voters serious concerns about the Supreme Court and the Constitution. Joy Behar agreed it wasn’t a question she had to answer because it was a “hypothetical," while Hostin repeated Harris's false claims about Abraham Lincoln waiting to nominate a Supreme Court Justice.

All the hosts agreed that nothing Biden-Harris had to say on that matter would change their vote, anyway.

The View's shilling for Kamala was paid for by advertisers CarShield and Colgate, whom you can contact by following links provided.