Noah Mocks Liberals Raising Money for Strzok ‘Just for Hating Donald Trump’

August 17th, 2018 9:33 AM

While most of late night television is relentless in its attacks against President Trump and the right, occasionally Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show will criticize the left for being too gungho in its anti-Trump fervor. On the August 16 show, Noah targeted fired FBI agent Peter Strzok for profiting off of his anti-Trump texts by starting a GoFundMe page that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Noah began the segment by playing newsclips talking about how the former FBI agent had raised nearly half a million dollars so far on the crowdsourcing site for his “legal bills.” The host called that move “bullshit,” expressing disbelief that one, someone could continue raising the bar on funds they were raising for a goal, and two, that Strzok was profiting off of his hatred for the President:

“How do people say this is the amount I need and change it when they get it? That's not a thing,” Noah shook his head. Calling it a “scam” he snarked, “Seriously, half a million dollars on a GoFundMe just for hating Donald Trump?! There are cancer patients on that site that say, I hate him, too, can you help me pay for my treatment?”

The comedian also blasted late night television for being one trick ponies in their anti-Trump routines (never mind the plank in his eye on that one.) Bringing on correspondent Michael Kosta, Noah asked how Strzok fundraising that amount of money was even possible.

Trevor, this doesn't surprise me. There's big bucks in hating on Donald Trump!” Kosta noted, adding that the biggest money makers were television shows dedicated to hating on Trump.

“What's the fastest growing sector of the economy? That's right, Trump-hating late night talk shows! Do you know how many there are right now?” Kosta said as he put up a graphic up of all the late night shows’ logos from Full Frontal With Samantha Bee to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“Even Animal Planet has a political late night show called ‘Rough night with Coco, she goes there!’” he cracked, showing an image of a dog about to use Donald Trump’s picture as a toilet.

“Yeah, and you have guys like Peter Strzok who aren't even making jokes, they just say I hate Trump and the resistance opened up its wallet faster than Johnny Depp at a scarf depot,” Kosta joked, before referencing Andrew McCabe, James Comey and Omarosa “swimming in cash” after attacking Trump. “I get it. People are desperate for something that can hurt Trump even a little bit. That's how scams work by preying on the most desperate,” he sympathized.

The pair ended by calling out 2016 Green Party candidate Jill Stein for raking in millions of dollars after the election, by demanding a recount. Addressing their fellow liberals, Kosta warned them to not get “blinded” by their hatred that they “don’t realize” they’re “playing” themselves.