Lemon Characterizes Clinton FBI Investigation As Sexist Attack

July 6th, 2016 1:54 PM

Just hours after the FBI recommended Hillary Clinton not be criminally charged by the DOJ, CNN was already dredging up sympathy for Hillary. On CNN Tonight July 5, anchor Don Lemon repeatedly brought up Clinton’s gender in an attempt to show that Clinton was somehow getting harsher treatment than she would if she was a man.

Lemon began by comparing the hearing to “fireworks,” claiming  that “the men at the top” were trying to keep Clinton from becoming President

DON LEMON: On the day after the Fourth of July weekend, the real fireworks are on the campaign trail. This is CNN TONIGHT. I'm Don Lemon. When you're the first woman with a real shot at winning the White House, you know at least one thing is for sure, the men at the top are going to have a lot to say about you. First, I want you to listen to the FBI director James Comey's blistering statement of Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal.

Lemon noted Comey’s “blistering” comments before moving to criticism from Donald Trump. But, Lemon noted, not everyone was a woman-hater.

LEMON: And President Obama, with an entirely different view of the woman he once ran against and now supports.

So only the Democrat who fully supports Clinton is the one free from bigotry, got it.

Casting Clinton’s critics as sexist is a cheap shot that’s been long employed by the mainstream media, going as far back as 1992. Even in the early '90s, journalists brought up the sexism charge over and over again, to try to diminish her critics, and each of the scandals, legitimacy.