Anything But Islam: Media Attack Guns, Men, Christians, GOP Instead of Ideology in Terror Attack

June 13th, 2016 10:32 AM

Sunday’s tragic and devastating shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando predictably brought out the worst in the left-wing media, who took to Twitter to politicize the events before even a day had passed. Like tragedies before it, the media automatically blamed the NRA, gun-supporting politicians and the GOP. But this time, some liberal media pundits even blamed men in general and Christians for the shooting, despite the fact that the shooter was a radicalized Muslim. Here is a sampling of the kind of rhetoric coming from liberals in the media on Twitter:

According to Ana Marie Cox,writer for MTV News and New York Times contributor, politicians need to “worry” about their “souls” if they supported the NRA:

Jill Filipovic, Guardian columnist, Jamil Smith of MTV News, and MSNBC’s Joy Reid wondered why guns were necessary:

David Ehrlich, film critic for Indiewire, blamed republican Governor Rick Scott, saying the blood was on his hands for voting for pro-gun rights laws:

Salon’s Amanda Marcotte, Glenn Greenwald, journalist for the Intercept, and CNN’s Sally Kohn went further blaming conservatives and Christians directly:

Smith, and Filipovic blamed men and “masculinity” for the shooting:

While MTV’s Smith claimed prayers don’t work against mass shootings, but “safe spaces” do?