WashPost Lib: Shame SCOTUS to Issue More 'Moderate' Rulings

February 20th, 2023 4:55 PM

The leftist media apparently weren't finished attacking and threatening conservative members of the Supreme Court due to them issuing opinions they don't like. Despite their toxic and inflammatory rhetoric even nearly getting Brett Kavanaugh killed on June 8, 2022, they have kept up the attacks, that if conservatives levied them, would be deemed an attack on "democracy" and an attempted "insurrection." Further evidence of this comes from an unhinged opinion piece in the leftist rag The Washington Post

In the op-ed by columnist Perry Bacon Jr titled "There is only one way to rein in Republican judges: Shaming them," Bacon calls for his readers to essentially bully the conservative judiciary into issuing opinions more to his liking. 

Bacon starts off the piece by saying "under Biden, the Senate is confirming judges at a faster pace than it did under Presidents Donald Trump or Barack Obama, an achievement Democratic officials are celebrating."

Yet according to Bacon, "these appointments don’t come close to addressing the problem: America’s judiciary is dominated by conservatives issuing an endless stream of rulings that help corporations, the rich and the bigoted while hurting working-class people, women and minorities in particular." 

"Biden’s lower-court appointees must follow the precedents set by the Republican-dominated U.S. Supreme Court or their rulings will be overturned. Meanwhile, the high court usually allows very-right-wing opinions issued by lower-level conservative judges to remain in place," Bacon whined. 

The solution according to Bacon was "there is only one real option to rein in America’s overly conservative judiciary: shame." 

Democratic politicians, left-leaning activist groups, newspaper editorial boards and other influential people and institutions need to start relentlessly blasting Republican-appointed judges. A sustained campaign of condemnation isn’t going to push these judges to write liberal opinions, but it could chasten them toward more moderate ones.

Possibly anticipating criticism from sites like NewsBusters, Bacon attempted to defuse criticism that he's stoking violence against the high court: "There will be arguments that such high-profile criticism would put judges in physical danger. I obviously oppose violence. But judges are powerful figures setting policy — they should get as much scrutiny as elected officials." 

Playing to his leftist critics of this strategy, Bacon asked: "Could this strategy backfire and push them to be even more right-wing? I don’t really find that believable. They just overturned Roe — it’s not clear they can get much worse." 

In fact, they could get "worse" or possibly "better." So-called conservative justices like John Roberts could become more dedicated to following the constitution and overturn their atrocious rulings in Obergefell v. Hodges, National Federation of Independent Business V. Sebelius, and King v. Burwell. That would be a start. 

But more likely, this strategy of Bacon's is going to incite another attack on constitutionalist justices like what happened to Kavanaugh.