ABC, CBS & NBC Bury Biden State Department Funding Foreign Drag Shows

October 19th, 2022 8:53 PM

On Wednesday, Fox News’s Jessica Chasmar reported that the Biden State Department had awarded a $20,600 grant to an Ecuador cultural center to host sexually inappropriate “drag theater performances.” All three evening news broadcast networks, ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News each ignored the Biden administration sending taxpayer dollars overseas to fund degenerate sexual shows. 

Instead of reporting on the funding of foreign drag shows by the Biden State Department, the three-evening network broadcasts wasted airtime on a cookie dough recall, local weather reports, and the news of new images of Space released by NASA. 

Chasmar reported that “the State Department awarded a $20,600 grant on Sept. 23 to the Centro Ecuatoriano Norteamericano (CEN), a non-profit organization supported by the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Ecuador.” 

The purpose of this grant was to promote so-called “diversity and inclusion" in Ecuador.  

According to Chasmar:

The grant to CEN is part of the State Department’s public diplomacy program, which seeks to ‘support the achievement of U.S. foreign policy goals and objectives, advance national interests, and enhance national security by informing and influencing foreign publics and by expanding and strengthening the relationship between the people and government of the United States and citizens of the rest of the world.

While the State Department has frequently handed out hundreds of thousands of dollars to the CEN, Chasmar writes that this appears to be the first time the State Department has funded drag shows. 

This bias by omission from the three networks was made possible by United Healthcare on ABC, Fisher Investments on CBS, and Progressive on NBC. Their information is linked.