Maddow's Tantrum: Obamas Denied From Blair House And Must Stay At Luxury DC Hotel

January 6th, 2009 1:28 PM

 MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow complained yesterday that the Obama family was stiffed by the Bush administration, because the next leader of the free world and his family, who are moving into the White House in two weeks, could not stay at Blair House due to lack of vacancies. Instead, the Obama family will stay at a fancy Washington hotel.

MADDOW: The next leader of the free world and his family arrived in DC over the weekend, and they are living in a hotel room. The Obama kids, Sasha and Malia started school today at their new school in Washington, so the family had asked to move in this weekend to Blair House which is right across the street from the White House.

It’s the official guesthouse of the president. It’s where heads of state and visiting dignitary stay. As reported a couple of weeks ago, the response from the White House to the Obama’s request was ‘no.’

The White House said ‘no’ to the Obama family. 'You are not welcome to use Blair House. It's booked.'

It’s booked? We called the White House office of protocol today to find out just what is going on at Blair House that cannot be rescheduled, or pushed back, or moved else where to make room for the new president of the United States and his family.

The office of protocol would not give us the schedule of events, but the first lady’s spokeswoman did tell us that, President and Mrs.Bush had:

graciously offered the opportunity for the Obama family to stay at Blair House starting January 15th.

...which is 10 days after the Obama girls start school. They actually used the word ‘graciously’ about themselves.

Oh the horror! Do you want some more cheese with that whine, Rachel? The Obamas must stay at the chi chi Hay-Adams Hotel for a couple of weeks before moving into the White House. According to the hotel website fivestar, the following is said about the Hay-Adams Hotel:

Style: Classic Luxury. Built: 1928. Remodeled: 2002. Rooms: 124. Suites: 21.

Welcome to Washington's landmark residence of choice while visiting the nation's capital. The Hay-Adams is as close as anyone can get to staying at the White House, short of being invited by the President. Originally designed in the 1920's as a residential hotel, the Hay-Adams has always preserved the ambiance of a distinguished private home on Lafayette Square. This classic hotel takes its name from earlier residents of its site: John Hay, private assistant to President Abraham Lincoln and later secretary of state, and Henry Adams, an acclaimed author and descendant of U.S. Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams. Like their homes, the Hotel has long been a favorite gathering place in the nation's capital. The 145-room hotel features 20 suites, some with views of Lafayette Park and the White House. All guest rooms combine heritage and luxury with contemporary comfort and technology.

Cry me a river.  As Maddow points out, the Bushes did offer the Obamas Blair House. However, the Obama's schedule did not sync up with that of Blair House. Where's the scandal?

How about a little perspective? It is not as if President Bush is pulling a Harry Reid and not allowing the Obamas into Blair House, because the Obamas did not have the right credentials.

Besides why should Maddow take offense? The Obamas will be living in a far more important house very soon. Remember, Rachel, one president at a time.

*UPDATE: Rachel Maddow is on a hunt for anyone staying at the Blair House for the next 10 days.  She seems intent on comparing the greatness of Obama to any other peon currently at The Blair House.