MSNBC's Chris Matthews Wins 'Puppy Love Award' at 2013 DisHonors Awards

September 27th, 2013 4:35 PM

While he faced stiff competition, you just knew he was a shoo-in to win this. A packed ballroom of Media Research Center 2013 Gala attendees chose MSNBC's Chris Matthews as the winner of the 2013 Puppy Love Award, beating out ABC's Diane Sawyer and CNN's Piers Morgan. Matthews won this DisHonor Award for his June 5, 2013 pronouncement that President Obama was "clean as a whistle" and that Republicans were motivated by "ethnic" and racial animus rather than sincere disagreements over policy.

"My legs are tingling, both of them," Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint quipped as he accepted the award in Matthews's understandable absence. "I've been dishonored all over Washington, but this is the most dishonorable I've ever been," he added, going on to thank the Media Research Center for its vital role in the conservative movement. For the full video of the Puppy Love Award segment, click play on the video embedded below the page break. To watch all three nominees, click here.