NBC News DC Bureau Appears to Be Packing for Nebraska

June 19th, 2007 4:16 PM

There's nothing biased here, just some industry news. Politico and Media Bistro's fishbowlDC are reporting that it looks like NBC/MSNBC will be giving up their Capitol Hill cubby hole digs and moving most if not all of their DC bureau operation out to Nebraska. Avenue that is.

For those unfamiliar with Washington, the NBC offices on Nebraska are considerably farther from Capitol Hill than the stone's throw from the Senate that NBC now enjoys.

The bottom line: this could make it harder to get congressmen and senators who need to stay close to the Hill for legislative votes to appear on camera on MSNBC.

I'm waiting for Keith Olbermann to finger a right wing conspiracy as the culprit. Writes Patrick Gavin of fishbowlDC:

Who could benefit from the NBC/MSNBC's evacuation? Fox. Fox already has an operation out of 400 North Capitol and their business channel could very well want NBC/MSNBC's spot.

CNN's Washington bureau is just north of Union Station, a few blocks from Fox News' prime location across from the U.S. Capitol.