Baby, It's Warm Outside

January 10th, 2007 5:49 PM

Well, not any more. At least from where I'm sitting in lovely Old Town Alexandria. Darn global cooling!

Anyway, at the MRC's Business & Media Institute, we're on top of the media's hype of global warming like white on polar ice.

Here's my colleague Julia Seymour's latest newsletter article.

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From a 72-degree January day in Manhattan to "polar bears in peril," the media have done anything but chill about the weather lately.

"Never has good weather felt so bad. Never have flowers inspired so much fear. Never has the warm caress of a sunbeam seemed so ominous. The weather is sublime, it’s glorious, it’s the end of the world," wrote Joel Achenbach on the January 7 Washington Post Style section front.

The article said D.C. temperatures had reached 73 degrees a day earlier, but reported that both Washington, D.C., and New York City reached a high of 70 degrees on January 6. The predominantly East Coast-based media were in a frenzy.

NBC’s Meredith Vieira wondered, "are we all gonna die?" The New York Times said people couldn’t enjoy wearing short sleeves because of "anxiety of environmental disaster."

The three broadcast networks have covered global warming 39 times since December 1, while newspapers have covered it even more.